Security Services For Buildings

In addition to infrastructure construction, 247BDIPSS has contributed to ensuring security to ensure that projects are completed on schedule and without any regrettable incidents through security services. After the construction is completed, the deployment and operation of the investor’s functions require a professional security service with quality to ensure security and create peace of mind for tenants. 247BDIPSS is a reliable address for these entities to turn to. For security services for high-rise buildings, 247BDIPSS employees must have full qualifications in terms of appearance, communication skills, and expertise…

1 - The Necessity of Building Security Services

  • With the strong development of social needs in big cities, investors choose to build buildings, skyscrapers, shopping centers, and malls to meet the demands of society.
  • These buildings are constructed near central areas with high population density, entertainment and dining establishments, and other high-traffic areas. As a result, according to annual reports from authorities, the number of legal violations, fires, electrocutions, conflicts, brawls, and thefts is on the rise.
  • Buildings are places where many people live and work, with continuous foot traffic in and out. Therefore, ensuring the security and safety of residents and visitors is crucial and needs to be guaranteed. Hence, the necessity of building security services has increased, as they are responsible for maintaining order and regulations within the building, controlling access to prevent suspicious individuals from entering.



2 - Responsibilities of Building Security Staff

  • The main task of building security staff is to protect property and ensure security and order at the site. In addition, they work together to control the number and identities of people entering and exiting the building by checking their identification documents.
  • Building security services are necessary to ensure safety and security.
  • Furthermore, security staff are responsible for inspecting the electrical system, fire prevention and firefighting equipment, and scheduling shifts to ensure that there are security guards present 24/7.
  • All of these actions are reported to the building management by the security staff. Therefore, the management can quickly respond and take appropriate measures.



3 - Standards of a Building Security Guard

The team of building security guards must ensure many different standards and factors. Collecting these standards is necessary to ensure the safety of all individuals present in the building and all existing assets.



Some standards of building security guards are as follows:

  • Implementing the proper measures and procedures according to the regulations of the building and the law.
  • Observing carefully, ensuring timely detection and planning to prevent inappropriate behavior, law violations, and violation of rules in safeguarding agencies and businesses.
  • Capable of discussing and proposing solutions to optimize the work for the supervisor.
  • Controlling and managing the people entering and leaving the building, agency.
  • Protecting assets, the scene in case of an unfortunate incident.
  • Knowing how to provide first aid, prevent, hold accountable individuals with criminal acts, and report to the nearest police agency.
  • Learning and mastering the security protection plans according to the fire prevention and fighting regulations of the competent authority.
  • The ability to coordinate smoothly between employees, between departments and the police at the building.
  • Having good health, agility, good observation skills, and providing timely solutions.

4 - Developing Plans for Each Position

Building security for a building involves different positions, with each position having different responsibilities to ensure that the building operates safely, orderly, and professionally. Let’s learn about the methods of building security for each job position below.



a) Main Gate Security Personnel:

  • Security personnel at the main gate of the building will be responsible for denying entry to unauthorized individuals. They will supervise the people entering and exiting the building, detecting suspicious individuals attempting to infiltrate the building with the intent to steal or vandalize, coordinating with other proactive monitoring positions.
  • They will guide vehicles on required documents and parking passes to be allowed inside the building. Vehicles without the necessary documentation will only be allowed to park outside.
  • Collaborate and maintain communication with other departments to protect the building.
  • Assist guests in accessing elevators.
  • Inspect floors, camera installation locations, fire alarm systems, and elevator management.

b) Lobby Security Personnel:

In the building security plan, lobby security personnel will perform the following tasks:

  • Record visitor information in the office logbook.
  • Control various types of keys and record them in the office logbook.
  • Lobby security personnel will directly receive and respond to incoming and outgoing phone calls for the building.
  • Receive mail and parcels from postal workers and promptly deliver them to the building’s reception department.
  • Maintain constant communication and close cooperation with other positions within the building.

c) Office Elevator Security Personnel:

In the security plan for each position, office elevator security personnel play a crucial role. They will directly assume the following responsibilities:

  • Guide guests and new employees between different floors and operate the elevators.
  • Provide prompt assistance and support for individuals trapped in elevators due to unexpected incidents, and notify the relevant authorities or departments for timely resolution and safety assurance.
  • Regularly inspect elevators to detect signs of damage and promptly report to the maintenance department for repairs, avoiding congestion and impacts on the building’s operation.
  • Ensure communication with all other positions within the building for smooth coordination and maximum work efficiency.
  • Duties of security personnel in elevator areas.

d) Office Floor Security Personnel:

The responsibilities and tasks of this department are summarized as follows:

  • Regularly inspect and monitor the activities and operations of the assigned floors.
  • Remind visitors and employees to comply with the regulations of each floor, remind them about designated smoking areas and other requirements.
  • Supervise and prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing restricted areas such as technical and electrical rooms, fire control rooms, surveillance camera rooms, etc.
  • Check the operation of equipment in the building according to each floor, such as temperature control boxes in corridor areas. This equipment may only be operated with the approval of the Building Management Board.
  • Remind about cleaning, construction, and repairs to minimize noise and avoid disturbing other activities.
  • Ensure the preservation of assets and equipment in the corridors, floors, and vacant areas.

e) Security Personnel Monitoring Surveillance Cameras in the Office Building:

The overall observation of activities, operations, and movements within and outside the building will be undertaken by the surveillance camera monitoring team. Their specific responsibilities include:

  • Continuously and consistently monitor customer activities to promptly identify any irregularities. From there, develop a plan, and contact the building security personnel nearby to quickly address the situation.
  • Proactively communicate with other locations within the building using walkie-talkies to apprehend suspects and wrongdoers and immediately notify the building management and the nearest police station in case of theft, vandalism, or disorderly conduct.
  • Detect other incidents such as fires, explosions, or accidents through the camera system and notify relevant departments to minimize risks.
  • Supervise and control safety activities within the building, working harmoniously with other agencies.
  • Security personnel monitoring surveillance cameras have a crucial role to play.

f) Security Duties for the Parking Area:

Inspect, verify and record assets and equipment brought in or out before completing registration procedures to ensure that all assets and equipment are approved by the building management and that the quantity and type of assets and equipment match the permit issued by the building management.

  • Thoroughly record vehicle license plates and entry and exit times.
  • Arrange for vehicles to be parked properly and neatly to avoid traffic congestion.
  • Inspect the condition of vehicles before entering the parking lot.
  • Issue parking tickets for motorcycles entering the lot and inspect the parking pass for prepaid vehicles. Ensure that all parking passes are valid according to the building’s regulations.
  • Parking tickets and access cards are provided by 247BDIPSS.

g) Building Security Patrol:

This position is considered essential in the construction of security and order plans for each building. Security personnel will perform the following tasks:

  • Effectively carry out tasks by reminding everyone in the building to comply with the office’s internal rules.
  • Regularly check the locking of doors at offices and all areas within the building.
  • Conduct regular patrols.
    Inspect the entire building, including elevators, warehouses, lobbies, front halls, restrooms, and other locations.
  • Timely detect risks such as fires, elevator jams, and explosions at the target site.
  • Control the most expensive and easily lost equipment in the building.
  • Regularly inspect internal security equipment systems, such as fire protection systems and lighting systems, for any malfunctions and promptly report them to the building’s technical department for repairs.
  • Always maintain good communication with teammates to ensure the safety of the building.

5 - 247BDIPSS Provides Building Security Services

  • The above article has demonstrated the importance of building security in today’s world. For this reason, our building security company offers professional services to ensure the safety, maintain order, and guarantee the stable operation of the building.
  • By choosing 247BDIPSS, clients can be completely confident in the quality of our services. We provide capable, experienced, and highly skilled personnel who can proactively and swiftly address security and safety issues within the building’s allowed parameters.
  • Furthermore, we will undertake the responsibility of maintaining order and security in accordance with the building management’s regulations.
  • We are always dedicated and committed to minimizing losses of material assets and damage to equipment and machinery both inside and outside the building to the best of our ability.
  • When selecting 247BDIPSS, with the motto “REPUTABLE – SAFE – PROFESSIONAL” clients will undoubtedly be satisfied in various aspects such as experience, personnel, equipment, flexibility, and promptness.