Security Services During Holidays

  • Holidays are a time when the demand for professional security services increases significantly to protect assets. Most security service companies provide security services during holidays, but where should customers place their trust and make their selection?
  • Lunar New Year is a major holiday for the entire country, and during this time, most workers, employees, students, factories, companies, enterprises, and stores close to celebrate the new year. As a result, theft and other criminal activities tend to increase.
  • Therefore, security services during holidays were established to meet the need for asset protection, as well as watching over homes, companies, and enterprises during the holiday season. This allows customers to enjoy their Lunar New Year vacation with peace of mind, participate in festive activities, and spend happy, quality time with their families and loved ones.

1 - What Criteria Should Be Used to Evaluate the Best Security Service Provider for Holidays?

a) Having a valid operating license

To assess the quality of holiday security services, the company must first have an operating license issued by the provincial or city police department. This serves as a primary basis for evaluating the value of a good security service provider.



b) Company services

Directly experience the services to make an assessment or observe how they are carried out, rather than only paying attention to what the security company says. This will help to verify the quality of holiday security services to some extent.
Furthermore, the company must provide high-quality security personnel who have received professional training and are knowledgeable about security equipment and related devices.

c) Quality of modern equipment

Security personnel need to be familiar with modern technology, such as listening devices, cameras, etc., to effectively support their holiday security work.
The quality of security service companies cannot be assessed solely by the number of years they have been in operation. Instead, focus on their quality and capabilities. Evaluating a professional security company includes assessing their culture, customer-friendliness, transparency, and user experience.

d) Operating scope

Check if the security companies you’re considering include your business location in their coverage area. A company with a large operating scope will be considered more reputable and significant.


2 - Types of Security Services Currently Provided by 247BDIPSS During Tet Holiday:



  • Providing security and house-sitting for private homes, villas, and mansions when the owner is away.
  • Safeguarding assets, pet care, and plant care when the owner is away.
  • Protecting offices, agencies, enterprises, factories, warehouses, and businesses throughout the entire Lunar New Year holiday.
  • Other types of security services as requested by customers.
  • Professional security services for schools and hospitals.
  • Security services for events, spring festivals, and concerts during the Tet holiday.
  • Protection for singers, actors, and celebrities attending music events, exhibitions, and festivals during the Tet holiday.
  • Vehicle security and parking lot supervision during Tet when the owner is away visiting their hometown or traveling.
  • Other affordable Tet security services as requested by customers.

3 - Choosing 247BDIPSS Security Services for Lunar New Year: What Do You Get?

  • Ensure the safety of your assets during the Lunar New Year and holidays, taking responsibility and providing compensation in case of incidents or damages.
  • Provide daily reports upon request regarding the security status of the protected target, such as: security, fire prevention, electrical safety, and assets.
  • Record and report all visitor information at the protected target.
  • Report on-site conditions related to factors such as security, fire prevention, electrical safety, and assets to clients.
  • Clients are responsible and compensated if incidents or damages occur due to employee negligence.
  • Have peace of mind about your assets while traveling, vacationing, or visiting family and relatives.
  • Help organizations successfully host Lunar New Year events; creating a memorable impression on participants.
  • At 247BDIPSS, we strive to reach new heights in the field of professional security services and provide reputable Lunar New Year security services in Vietnam.


  • Our team of security guards and bodyguards working for the Lunar New Year home monitoring service have undergone extensive training in security operations and are equipped with adaptive skills to handle situations quickly and efficiently. To promptly address any unusual occurrences, 247BDIPSS has arranged a mobile security patrol team to monitor and oversee security 24/7.

4 - The Mobile Patrol & Security Monitoring Team Will Be Responsible For:

  • Being promptly available to support and collaborate with on-site security personnel to handle incidents 24/7.
    Inspecting and monitoring the working manners of security staff.
  • Timely correcting and handling cases where security personnel violate company and management unit regulations.


  • Customers interested in Lunar New Year security services can contact our hotline at +84 274 633 6888 today for detailed consultation from 247BDIPSS.
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