Industrial Zones Security Services

In the context of development and integration, Economic Zones, Export Processing Zones, Industrial Parks, and Industrial Clusters are also growing rapidly. Investors always have to consider how to find a reputable and professional security service provider to avoid affecting their overall progress plan. 247BDIPSS was founded by TTTFIC GROUP with a team of experienced and skilled officers and well-trained security guards who have a high sense of responsibility and passion for the job due to the nature of the security service, which carries an aesthetic element in industrial zones.

1 - Duties of Security Guards at Industrial Zones



  • For security guards, it is essential to ensure absolute security at the main gate, auxiliary gate, and inspection of vehicles entering and leaving the industrial zone. They also need to record and update relevant documents related to the import and export of goods or keep necessary documents for future reference.
  • Their duties also include maintaining order, coordinating vehicle entry and exit, and ensuring smooth traffic flow to facilitate investors in the continuous industrial zone.
  • They need to accurately check the imported and exported goods according to their respective types, codes, and quantities recorded in the delivery documents. They need to check the condition of the seals, locks, and areas at high risk of intrusion and fire. They also need to support the gatekeepers to ensure strict access control.
  • They are also responsible for monitoring the security situation at the industrial zone at night when the office hours are over. They need to patrol and observe the roads, entry and exit points, and traffic intersections for any suspicious or potentially dangerous activities that may threaten the safety and security of the industrial zone.
Security Services - 247BDIPSS

2 - Standards for Security Personnel

  • Security personnel in industrial parks must be trained by training courses and handle incidents in protecting industrial parks, and be certified by specialized agencies.


  • After completing the professional training course, industrial park security guards must know how to use specialized tools such as: short guns, electric batons, light sticks for directing traffic… to coordinate work or use guns and batons when necessary.
  • They must be equipped with uniforms for staff, including: clothing, hats, shoes, epaulets, ties… to ensure uniformity and create a professional image in the eyes of customers.
  • Industrial park security guards are equipped with specialized tools such as: walkie-talkies, long-range flashlights, whistles, metal detectors, umbrellas, books, other support tools to ensure timely handling of emergencies…
  • In addition, the working attitude is also a factor that creates a good impression for customers. Security personnel always demonstrate a friendly and polite attitude and show high professionalism in their work. They receive clear task assignments before leaving the work area or always have a preparedness to prevent and timely detect fire and explosion incidents to promptly handle and notify relevant authorities for coordination.
  • Especially, a team of industrial park security guards with high responsibility and discipline, proficient in necessary skills such as martial arts, using firefighting equipment, monitoring cameras, electrical equipment… are always highly appreciated by customers and users of the service.
Security Services - 247BDIPSS

3 - Security Plan for Industrial Parks

Depending on the training and security plan, each security company and industrial park will have different security plans. However, all security plans for industrial parks share the following basic features:

  • Ensure security and order in the industrial park area, while coordinating with patrol forces, alarm systems, and surveillance cameras.
  • Prevent and deter malicious individuals from infiltrating the industrial park or using their work in the park for bad purposes, such as spreading products or information outside the park.
  • Coordinate traffic activities and the import and export of goods into and out of the industrial park.
  • Ensure 24/7 operation in the industrial park to maximize the security and order in the park.
    Develop work plans, monitor, and assign specific tasks to closely protect critical areas.


  • Always have a team of security guards patrolling at suitable times to ensure the safety of the industrial park at all times.
  • Always have contingency measures and a backup team ready to respond and handle emergency situations.