Event Security Services

Security is an essential part of events, festivals of both small and large scale. The job of security services at events is to ensure public safety and maintain order during crowded events, guaranteeing that the event runs smoothly according to plan. Therefore, the role of security is crucial, especially for large and important events. Thus, every event and festival requires the support of professional security forces.

1 - Why Should You Use Event Security Services?

a) Protection Objectives of the Service

An event is a purposeful activity taking place at a specific location and time. It involves gathering many resources, ideas, and physical facilities to convey a message or a product to the event attendees.

• The types of events may include:

  • Protecting groundbreaking ceremonies of construction projects, factories, etc.
  • Protecting opening ceremonies of shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, shops, beauty salons, etc.
  • Ensuring security at events such as concerts, music festivals, fashion shows, award ceremonies, etc.
  • Ensuring security at exhibitions and fairs, including industrial and agricultural exhibitions, etc.
  • Ensuring security at conferences, such as shareholders’ meetings, economic conferences, etc.
  • Ensuring security at important events of businesses.

b) Characteristics of Events and Potential Risks



The characteristic of these events is the appearance of many celebrities in spaces ranging from small to very large, with the participation of many people. Therefore, this place may have potential risks, such as:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Fire and explosions
  • Theft and robbery
  • Bad people taking advantage of the crowd to perform illegal acts
  • Crazy fans who disrupt order, push and shove, and incite violence when they see their idols.

c) Preventive Measures

To avoid negative situations during events, some preventive measures can be taken, such as:

  • Careful planning of functional areas and building barriers in front of the stage
  • Strict control of the flow of people, ensuring that no one carries prohibited items into the event area
  • Regular inspection and risk prevention
  • Coordination with the police force
  • Especially, having enough security personnel in terms of quantity and quality.

d) The Role of Event Security Services

The role of security personnel at events is extremely important. The main roles that event security staff must perform are:

  • Maintaining security and order throughout the event
  • Controlling the flow of people according to regulations
  • Protecting the security of the stage area and areas where valuable assets such as sound equipment are located
  • The security team must have enough personnel to maintain security and order outside the stage area.

e) Benefits of Using Event Security Services

  • No cost for recruiting, training, managing, welfare, and benefits for employees.
  • 247BDIPSS is responsible for any potential risks that may occur.
  • Security personnel can be mobilized quickly and in greater numbers, suitable for the time and size of the event.
  • The 247BDIPSS event security team has experience and good problem-solving skills, and can handle various situations quickly and adeptly.

2 - Description of Event Security Task



247BDIPSS will have specific and detailed plans to respond to situations and developments at the time of the event. But in general, the mission of event security needs to be carried out:

  • Protecting people and property of the event organizers as well as guests attending
  • Coordinating with functional forces to prevent and arrest individuals with improper behavior at the event
  • Maintaining a professional and standard attitude towards event participants
  • Ensuring good fire prevention and fighting work
  • Ensuring working time according to customer requirements
  • Controlling and regulating traffic in the area outside and the entrance to the event area
  • Controlling the flow of people into the area and entrance gates
  • Arranging technical equipment at necessary positions
  • Ensuring good communication between event management departments and security service providers
  • All security personnel must be equipped with walkie-talkies and know how to use them to report situations when necessary
  • The security team leader must closely monitor the progress of the event as well as supervise the work of subordinates in order to make appropriate requests.

3 - Security Event Protection Process and Plan

With years of experience in providing security for events of all sizes, 247BDIPSS would like to share with you the most comprehensive and detailed process and plan for event security protection:

• Step 1: Information gathering

  • Meet with the client and directly discuss with them
  • Understand all specific job requirements and details related to the event: event scale, time, location, number of participants, number of VIP guests, etc.

• Step 2: Survey and planning

  • Conduct a survey of the actual terrain where the event will be held and compile information. The operational department of 247BDIPSS will develop a plan and assess the level of security and risks.
  • 247BDIPSS will develop the most optimal security plan for the event. The plan will provide detailed information on the reasonable allocation of security positions, task assignments for each staff member, and ensure safety for the event, maintaining stability and order, and ensuring health safety.


• Step 3: Security service quotation

  • After surveying and planning, 247BDIPSS will send a plan and quotation for the service. The quotation will include costs for:+ Training costs for security staff
    Costs for security personnel uniforms
    + Costs for equipment and support tools for security work
    VIP transportation (if required)
    Therefore, clients can rest assured that there will be no additional costs outside the agreed-upon contract.

• Step 4: Deployment of security event protection services

Deployment of the security team will follow the established plan and agreement with the client. The security team is committed to professionalism and job responsibility in maintaining security and order throughout the event.

• Step 5: Summary report
After the event, the security management team will prepare a summary report and submit it to the client, including all related issues and incidents that occurred during the event.

Security Services - 247BDIPSS

4 - Standards and Requirements for Security Guards at Events

a) Requirements for Professional Skills

  • Trained in law
  • Trained in event organization security procedures
  • Able to use specialized tools such as iron batons, electric whips, light sticks for traffic control, etc.
  • Age between 20-40 years old, meeting the specific physical criteria

b) Uniform Requirements

Equipped with suitable uniforms depending on the type of event security service requested by the client. These include:

  • Security uniforms for normal outdoor events without complexity, etc.
  • Black pants, white dress shirts, neckties, black vests for important events.
  • Stab-resistant vests and alarm hats for high complexity outdoor events.


c) Equipment RequirementsSome tools necessary to support event security work include:

  • Two-way radios: Facilitate easier and quicker communication between positions.
  • Flashlights: Used for areas with poor lighting.
  • Boots, raincoats: Used in rainy weather conditions.
  • Wooden sticks, iron batons: Used for self-defense and depending on the scale and objective of protection, either wooden sticks or iron batons can be used.
  • Metal detectors: Used only in specific events.
  • Handcuffs: Used for controlling individuals.
  • Surveillance cameras: Considered based on the nature of each event.
  • Earpieces: Used for better internal communication during noisy events.

5 - 247BDIPSS Provides Professional Event Security Services



  • Understanding the importance of maintaining security and order in today’s society, the security personnel at 247BDIPSS are mostly former military officers, soldiers, or from other professional security companies. All of them are trained, trained, and have good professional qualities that always meet the requirements of customers.
  • With operations throughout Southern Vietnam, 247BDIPSS can provide event security services anytime, anywhere. In emergencies, 247BDIPSS can deploy up to hundreds of security guards to meet demands.

6 - Why choose event security services at 247BDIPSS?

  • Professional personnel with training in specialized skills and quick reflexes.
  • Abundant financial resources to ensure the handling of incidents and compensation for property loss.
  • A large workforce always ready to deploy quickly and synchronize, or make changes to security personnel upon customer request.
  • Continuous quality control 24/24: The mobile force and patrol team regularly inspect and are ready to provide timely support and handle unexpected situations.
  • Service fees are accompanied by quality and reasonable competition.