Construction Site Security Services

While numerous companies provide security services for construction sites, not all can offer the expertise and professionalism that 247BDIPSS Security Services provides. This article provides insights into essential criteria to consider when choosing a security company for your industrial park, including their responsibilities, plans, and qualifications. Our highly skilled security personnel are trained to handle any situation that may arise at construction sites, serving in critical positions such as the main gate, guardhouse, and patrol.

1 - Why Choose Construction Site Security Services?

Construction sites are dynamic environments where workers come together to build, work, and sometimes even live on-site. Consequently, these sites are vulnerable to various security threats and unexpected hazards, causing significant headaches for management. To ensure smooth and safe operations for personnel while promptly addressing any property-related issues that may arise, 247BDIPSS has introduced construction site security services. Our highly skilled security personnel specialize in resolving construction site issues promptly, allowing for continuous and secure operations.




2 - Requirements for Security Personnel at Construction Sites

Based on the nature of the environment and work, the requirements for security personnel at construction sites are as follows:

  • Understand and be familiar with the specific requirements, rules, and regulations of the construction site and managing organization.
  • Be aware of the work environment at the construction site, as well as the names of the Board of Directors and those in charge of security at the site.
  • Recognize peak times when workers come and go, quickly remember faces of employees and vehicles to save time in managing and controlling unfamiliar people and vehicles more easily.
  • Know essential phone numbers such as police, fire department, company phone, etc., to report emergency situations.
  • Be familiar with the construction site’s layout, crucial areas, and locations that require more continuous patrol.
  • Support the activities of other employees and workers in protecting the construction site.
    Be agile, honest, and focused on work.



3 - Responsibilities of Security Personnel at Construction Sites

  • Regularly patrol, detect and quickly handle cases and behaviors intentionally harming property at the construction site without permission. Address situations where employees violate regulations and rules at the construction site with the purpose of protecting property.
  • Inspect, observe, and protect critical, hazardous, or accident-prone locations to control and ensure that unrelated individuals do not enter these areas, preventing unfortunate incidents from occurring.


  • Security at construction sites requires a focus on fire prevention and firefighting measures. Security personnel must regularly check the operation of equipment to detect issues promptly. Additionally, they must have quick response plans in place to address fires and other emergencies.
  • Keep records and control the number of vehicles and employees entering and exiting the construction site to prevent ill-intentioned individuals from infiltrating and affecting property and personnel.
  • Connect with other security personnel through walkie-talkies and carry personal protective equipment such as batons, flashlights, etc., to patrol a wider area at night and ensure personal safety.

4 - Work Procedures

a) For visitors at the construction site

Upon entering the construction site gate, security personnel should gather information:

  • Ask the visitor’s name, company they work for, purpose of the visit, and who they are meeting.
  • Contact the person to be met via walkie-talkie or phone to escort the visitor, or obtain their permission if no appointment was made beforehand.
  • Record the visitor’s name, company name, and arrival time in the visitor logbook.
  • Issue a visitor badge and personal protective equipment such as helmets, shoes, glasses, etc.
  • Register valuable items and guide visitors to their destination.

Upon leaving the construction site:

  • Check the visitor’s bag.
  • Check that the items being taken out (if any) match the permission slip provided by the managing authority (signed by an authorized person).
  • Collect the issued items from the visitor.
  • Ask the visitor to record their departure time and sign the logbook.


b) For workers entering and exiting the construction site

All workers must follow the rules and regulations at the construction site.
Upon entering the site:

  • Security personnel should check worker badges, helmets, and other personal protective equipment.
  • Security personnel should check if workers are wearing the appropriate attire according to the managing authority’s requirements.
  • Security personnel should register valuable items.
  • Short-term workers must have their names checked against the managing authority’s approved list.

Upon leaving the construction site:

  • Security personnel should ask all workers to remove their helmets and check each worker one by one.
  • Security personnel should carefully inspect bags and compare items being taken out to those registered or on the permission slip provided by the managing authority; no unauthorized items should be taken out.
  • Security personnel should thoroughly inspect workers’ front, sides, shoes, pant legs, etc.
  • Note: The permission slip should include date, time, quantity, quality, type, and signature.

c) For vehicles entering the construction site

Upon entering:

  • Security personnel should ask the vehicle to stop at the gate, and the driver must present documents and register information; name, license plate number, items being brought in, and time of entry.
  • Security personnel should register valuable items for comparison upon exit.
  • Check if the vehicle meets the requirements to enter the site (e.g., appropriate height, not too large, etc.).
  • Open the gate for the vehicle to enter.

Upon exiting:

  • Security personnel should ask the vehicle to stop at the gate, and the driver must go to the security room to record the departure time and register in the logbook.
  • The driver must present relevant documents related to taking goods out.
  • Check and compare the actual items being taken out with the items listed on the shipping slip.
  • Note:

– Type, quantity, quality, serial number, date, time, and signature of the managing authority.

– Carefully inspect the vehicle’s cargo, undercarriage, sides, and cabin.
Security personnel should not handle goods without an authorized shipping slip (the shipping slip must have the managing authority’s signature).

– Security personnel should open the gate for the vehicle to exit.

d) For equipment and materials entering the construction site

Upon entering the site:

  • Security personnel should check the invoice, type, quantity, serial number, etc.
  • Security personnel should contact the relevant person from the managing authority to receive the delivery.
  • Security personnel should record the materials in the logbook.
  • Note: Goods brought to the site must be carefully inspected, especially if they are flammable materials. Security personnel should provide fire safety advice to the client.

When leaving the construction site, security personnel should:

  • Check the invoice and warehouse release form signed by the managing authority.
  • After checking the invoice, security personnel should proceed with the actual inspection.
  • Note: Type, serial number, quality, quantity, and signature;.
    Store all invoices, warehouse release forms, and permission slips provided by the managing authority.

e) Other responsibilities of 247BDIPSS security personnel

  • 247BDIPSS manages phones and keys.
  • 247BDIPSS should explain and guide visitors on various issues.
  • 247BDIPSS manages equipment and maintains accurate, clean records, with everything neatly and scientifically arranged.
  • 247BDIPSS should stay informed and report to the appropriate authorities when needed.
  • Maintain contact information and coordinate with other positions.
  • Conduct a thorough handover to the next shift.
  • 247BDIPSS manages mail and parcel delivery if applicable.

– Construction projects often take a long time to complete, so equipment and materials are typically left on-site after each workday. Protecting these assets is extremely important due to their high value, and any loss would affect the construction progress.

– However, protecting these assets is difficult because construction sites are ideal targets for theft. Additionally, bad weather can cause significant damage. For these reasons, using security services for construction site protection is essential.


5 - 247BDIPSS Security Services at Construction Sites

  • 247BDIPSS continually trains and develops its personnel to provide clients with a variety of services, including highly effective construction site security services. With extensive experience in the security field, 247BDIPSS proudly offers a professional security team that is well-trained, competent, and equipped with all the necessary tools to fulfill clients’ requirements in various environments.


By choosing 247BDIPSS, you will experience:

  • Effective quality: We are committed to delivering high work efficiency, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and errors in a timely manner to report, improve, and enhance our services. We ensure the safe and secure protection of your construction site.
  • Quality and competitive pricing: 247BDIPSS offers a wide range of services with excellent quality at stable prices. Contact us now for pricing advice on each type of service.
  • Fully equipped with advanced tools: 247BDIPSS security personnel are provided with all necessary equipment such as flashlights, walkie-talkies, batons, screening devices, etc. These genuine imported devices ensure quality and enhance our services.
  • Compensation for damages: We are committed to compensating for stolen assets and materials if verified to be the fault of our personnel, without avoiding responsibility.
  • Dedicated and enthusiastic staff: Not only are 247BDIPSS security personnel well-trained, but they are also conscientious about their work, dedicated, and committed to completing their tasks in the best possible way.